So, what have they said about us?

Don recently helped me with a valuation of my business and it really helped us to identify areas we can improve, and also helped us to feel good about what's going well. Don gave me a lot of great advice and referrals to other associates that can help my business to strengthen and grow. I would highly recommend Don's services for your business!

- Operations Director, Alba Birth Center



Don recently conducted a business diagnosis and valuation for me. It was an eye opening experience to see my business broken down into easy to understand numbers. My time was well spent and the process was easy to follow and easy to understand. Don did a very thorough job of explaining everything and giving me some enlightening insight into my business. I think his services are of great importance to a business, are affordable and give a great return. I highly recommend that if you are serious about your business that you contact Don as soon as possible.

- Owner, Mobile Help Desk

EBD worked very closely with Herrmann Advantage for six months. The process that we followed was both enlightening and educational. As a small business owner I fell into the trap of working too hard and not getting enough results. Over the years I had asked more than one of my advisors to help me analyze the business and examine what could be done better.

Herrmann Advantage was the advisor I had needed for years. Together we dissected the company and started to rebuild its path. During our meetings we found areas that needed too be elevated in priority, new avenues of sales revenues, and where a stronger business image is needed.

Nine months later, the business is experiencing new growth. We continue to implement the HA strategies.

- Owner, Elegant By Design




I hired Herrmann Advantage to improve the operation of my retail establishment. Initially it was hard to hear some of the issues that were in my way but they helped me overcome these challenges and improve things overall. My initial savings were over $49,000 in just 4 months with another $60,000 in improvements identified.

- Owner, Private Retailer in the Fox Cities

Don's expertise in small business development and growth strategy has been an invaluable asset to me. He is an excellent subject matter expert for the small business industry. His commitment to quality service in a prompt manner make him a pleasure to work with.

- Founder, Emagine America


Don provided us with significant assistance developing a plan to grow the business. His insight, flexibility and passion for small business made him a truly gifted partner. His efforts allowed me to grow the business and realize a significant profit when sold.

- President, Byte Techno

As a "solopreneur," I have learned to wear a lot of hats. I operate a business focused on providing artistic goods and services. Until I took Don Herrmann's workshop, Managing Your Business for Growth and Profit - The Numbers, I was lacking in confidence in my pricing.

Don's workshop breaks down the mystery of sustainable product and service pricing into a few concise and manageable steps. He helped me identify hidden and future expenses and broke down my production into minutes. I loved how the workshop had structure, yet was flexible enough to allow questions and feedback from others. The atmosphere was open and inviting and I felt comfortable talking about tricky situations I have encountered as a new business owner. I left every session with an incredible drive to implement what I just learned.

I highly recommend all small business owners register for Managing Your Business for Growth and Profit - The Numbers, regardless of business size or industry. Don Herrmann's approach and content will benefit all industries, from glass art to replacement glass windows.

- Owner/Designer, Ooh Shiny Art Glass LLC






Don recently facilitated our Strategic Planning Workshop. Leading our top company leaders, he introduced the strategic planning process, led us through an easy to follow methodology and ensured that we developed a workable strategic plan to drive our company over the next several years. Don used a variety of tools and interpersonal activities to keep us on track and accomplish what we wanted. Those in attendance expressed their great satisfaction at being heard and also with the support and assistance Don provided in the breakout sessions. I have to say this was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I hope to use Don's expertise and services again in the future.

- EVP Operations and Finance, Deutz Corporation

Don is one of the most knowledgeable Human Resources professionals I have had the privilege of knowing. His depth and breadth of knowledge in Global and US employment law, employee relations, coupled with strong business acumen makes him my go-to person when I find myself needing another opinion. I highly recommend Don for his wealth of knowledge, clarity, and helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals."

- HR Manager, Coughlin Industries

We have been working with Don for a little over a year and he's been a pleasure to work with. Don has been able to guide us through every aspect of our business no matter if its advertising/marketing, bookkeeping, production and, of course, organization. I strongly recommend a sit down conversation with Don and hope you can tap into his knowledge of business as we have been able to.

- Operations Director, Lasermarc