20 May

You May Not NEED SEO…


You just have to come up first in that Google Search.  You believe that your business success is tied to that happening.  That is where you want your business.  EVERYONE says that you have to have good SEO to do that.  You don’t know how so you find someone, some local expert who can help you become first on that search.  You give them hundreds or thousands of dollars to accomplish this.  After months or more, your business is the same.


That isn’t a made up story.  I see it happen all the time.  In fact, I’ve had clients who have, over a 2 year period, spent $12,000 or more on SEO.  Many of them know that it is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.  They believe it is a form of advertising or marketing that will drive customers to their website.  Those customers will, in turn, hopefully, become paying customers.


The reality is that maybe they will and maybe they won’t.  For the majority of small business owners, SEO may not be an expense you need and in fact focusing your resources on SEO may not be what your business really needs.

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13 May

Do You Have a Plan For Your Business Success?

Many Business Owners I know shy away from Business Plans.  Most often it is because they see them as complicated, difficult to write and see little value in them.  Yet, as I pointed out in my article “Why Are You in Business”, According to Burke, A., Fraser, S., & Greene, F. J. in the Journal of Management Studies, “…those businesses that plan are 30% more productive and grew faster and were more successful than those that didn’t plan.”   A simple and comfortably short Business Plan isn’t that hard to develop if you understand its parts and how to use them for your business.

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06 May

Why Are You in Business?


I work with a lot of start-up business owners. Early in my time with them the question of “Why are you in business” comes up. While I get a lot of answers about making money, supporting myself, got tired of the rat race, none of them is the one answer that starts a business on its path to success. That answer involves the true purpose of the business, its mission, and vision statement. That short, most likely no longer than a 30-second read, statement that determines your plan for success.

While you might say, “I’m making money, I’m successful” what you aren’t considering it what it costs you in time, effort, money, materials and a host of other things to do that. A mission Statement for your business establishes the first step of a plan for your business. According to Burke, A., Fraser, S., & Greene, F. J. in the Journal of Management Studies, “…those businesses that plan are 30% more productive and grew faster and were more successful than those that didn’t plan.”

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29 Apr

Do You Buy For Your Business At A Big Box Warehouse?


Many of us shop them. Their large open rooms filled from floor to ceiling with everything from bulk goods to appliances, televisions, jewelry computers, and more. Of course, I’m talking about the warehouse membership stores. We know their names but the names aren’t important. What is important is that you can buy a case of anything, a pallet of other things and save. Save if you need that much.

Warehouse membership stores are promoted as a way for consumers to buy in bulk and because of that bulk, save money. Not only do they offer a bargain to the individual for just about anything they need for home, but they also promise a bargain for business owners and all of the things they need or want. But how much do you really save when you buy in bulk?

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22 Apr

Can You Increase Your Sales Revenue Without Increasing Cost??

Increasing your sales revenue dollars is the goal of every business.  Some will try to do this by purchasing expensive advertising, sales training or other products.  Yet the real goal isn’t exactly about increasing sales revenue, it should be about increasing profit. 

Developing the skills necessary to make more, at the same or less cost, with greater product value that in turn increases your profit is called Velocity.  Velocity management isn’t about going fast, it is about going better.  Some would say this is a full-time job.  It isn’t, it is a rewarding job, and it can become just a part of your daily workplace routine.

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