Education, Tools, Training, Coaching, and Results


We don't just focus on one aspect of your business, we focus on ALL of your business. This ensures a proper balance for sustainable growth and profitability. Our process involves measurable inputs and outcomes, all geared toward predictable sustainable business success. We provide the education, tools, training, coaching and most importantly the RESULTS business owners and leaders are seeking.

There are many Consulting and Coaching firms that say they can help your business.  Few actually walk your floors, measure your actual processes and turn that into realistic achievable solutions.  We engage in every aspect of your business right there with you, getting our hands dirty to understand the why behind what is happening.

Our unique value proposition is beyond just numbers.  Numbers simply tell you where to look, looking tells us why and points us to the right solution.  Your business is more than just numbers on a spreadsheet.  Trust your business to someone who makes the effort to genuinely understands what is happening internally.


How Healthy is Your Business?

We work with BUSINESS OWNERS who:

Are committed and enthusiastic about their business,

Want to improve their business,

Are willing to invest the time into improving their business, and

Supportive of a partnership with someone who can help them accomplish that.


Business Owners of businesses with $2M in sales or more, who meet the above criteria can partner with us when they have any of the following…

A GROWING BUSINESS that meets our size and motivation requirement

Need assistance becoming "BANKABLE"

Have a BUSINESS in distress

Are considering some type of transition with their BUSINESS and desire to maximize the Productivity, Performance, and Profitability of their business



Recruiting is a process that many organizations are not appropriately staffed for or do not have the right skills for. The use of a Staffing Agency can cost significantly both in terms of higher base wages and in fees. Most Search Firms will charge clients anywhere between 20% – 33% of the total first year compensation for the position they are recruiting. On a $45,000 a year position this could be anywhere from $9000 to more than $14,000 in fees alone. We use a different approach, a shared responsibility approach called a Flat Rate Fee Based Recruiting engagement. As a result, we save you money and get your positions filled.


Strong workforce planning is a necessary process for your businesses growth, sustainability, and profitability. It takes many forms and if done correctly, will ensure you have the necessary talent both on-board and available to sustain and grow your business.

This can take the form of everything from a needs assessment through a robust and highly effective workforce differentiation initiative.

Our Workforce planning services help you navigate the complex processes of effective workforce planning in a simple yet highly effective way.


We specialize in those key areas of your business that contribute the most to your growth and development. This includes:

  • Sustainable Leader Skills and Competencies
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Management
  • Productivity/Performance Improvement
  • Organizational Culture Support


The effective development and execution of a Strategic Plan for your business is a critical step in its sustainability, growth, and profitability. Effective strategic planning tells not only where an organization is going and the actions needed to make progress, but also how it will know if it is successful. Our Strategic Planning services are designed to deliver a strong and effective strategic plan for your business.

Our work in this area includes:

  • Facilitation of a Strategic Planning Session
  • Development of your businesses strategic plan
  • Assistance in the execution of the strategic plan.