29 Jun

Do Not Be in This 95%



The Small Business Administration reports that only 5% of Small Business start-ups last more than 5 years.  If you are already past that benchmark Congratulations.  Of those that get past the 5 year mark, approximately half of those will fail.

Which half will you be in?

  Small business fails for a number of reasons.  The first step in preventing your business from failing is to understand why they fail.

The principle reasons businesses fail are:

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15 Jun


Bob the Boss was a leader.  Every day, without fail, unless he wasn’t at work, he walked around and said hello to the employees.  Not much more than “hello” but he made a point of saying something.  He knew that letting them see him where the work was being done was important.  He knew that this would inspire them to work harder and better.

Every Friday, without fail, many of the employees would meet at the local watering hole.  They talked about almost anything and everything.  Like clockwork though ultimately the conversation always turned to Bob the Boss.

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