18 Dec

When Leaders Fail

Now I know that a failure of leadership is something we have all either heard of…or experienced. Unless our entire existence is spent playing video games and texting like-minded others we have seen leadership fail.

Leadership failure happens for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • It can come from the leader losing interest
  • It can come from the leader’s departure
  • It can come because the leader was never able to obtain buy in for their vision
  • It can come from the leader never really being a leader

While not all of the reasons leaders fail those 4 can cover most of the reasons and experiences we have had. There is a 5th reason not mentioned above. A reason in my view and experience covers almost every reason leaders fail. It is a loss of courage.

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15 Dec

More Sales? Not Necessarily




 Pretty profound words that run against everything we have been told in every business development, marketing, sales or anything else program.  Sell more to make more.  Marketing will increase your sales so you can make more.

Yet that cleverly worded and seemingly logical mantra is not very accurate.  In fact, following it can actually make you less profitable and ultimately ruin your company. 

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07 Dec

Good Leaders Get Good Results – The Others Are Just Busy.

I was talking with a couple of friends of mine over coffee the other morning. Both are regular full time employees for a company. They were discussing how hard they had been working; all of the meetings and task forces they were involved in. The pressure of attending these and how good they felt about the involvement they had in determining the direction and accomplishments of their employers. They were smiling and happy.

Are you familiar with the “deer in the headlights” stare? That blank unblinking look one gets when rounding the corner on a dark road at night when the headlights of your car shine directly into a deer’s eyes? The deer simply stands there, frozen into inaction and doing nothing. That is the look I got from both of them when I asked…”what are your results from all of this effort?”

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