28 Jan

What Makes Leadership Training Work



When discussing leadership training with top executives I sometimes hear the words “Leadership training does not work.” Of course I asked them why.

The answer I most often get does not surprise me. They tell me about many different leadership training courses and seminars they had attended. Literally 10’s of thousands of dollars spent on leadership training and development and these executives tell me none of it helped them, or their employees, become a better leader. To a person they share how everything was nicely packaged, information was doled out and at the end of training they took examinations on their new skills. The Leadership Trainer, or Training Organization, told them they now had the skills to be good and effective leaders. They were told they would now be successful. Of course at the end of training they all rated the presenter as excellent and an expert on a topic each of them had just learned about. Each returned to their organization and for a while felt energized with the newly learned knowledge. But nothing in the company changed; nothing about them changed.

I asked them…what did you expect to change? How did you expect to improve your leadership skills and knowledge?

It gets real quiet .

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18 Jan

How Do You Show an ROI in Your Training?

Many organizations will tell you they measure training. Why shouldn’t they as a lot of time and effort go into developing and presenting training? Organizations, hopefully, use the following steps when developing their training:

  • Needs assessment
  • Curriculum design
  • Training materials development
  • Identification of attendees
  • Presentation of training
  • Evaluation

Each of those steps is critical to the development of needs-based training that should change behaviors or outcomes in an organization.  So how do you show it has value?

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