15 Apr

Leadership – Responsibility – Culture; They Are Inextricably Linked

“I have to lay off employees.” “My production is down and waste is up.” “My competitors are beating me but we have the exact same product.” “Why won’t these people do a better job?”  Sound familiar? I have been a part of leadership in organizations, for a long time, and in several organizations. I have heard all of these expressions and more. All similar in one respect. The solution to preventing or correcting each of them can be found in the same place – Leadership.   To paraphrase an old axiom I learned in the Army, “Leadership is responsible for everything that does or does not happen in their area of responsibility.” Yes, leadership is responsible.

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01 Apr

Pricing your Product or Service

One of the bigger issues I see Small Business Owners struggle with is how to price their product or services.  They have a price, often calculated on materials and labor, but it isn’t giving them a profit.  So they artificially create an “add-on” profit” charge for their product or service.

 At one time or another you might have heard the word “Value Stream”.  A Value Stream is every single step in the end-to-end process for creating a Product or completing a Service from the moment of Order Entry by Customer Service, to the ordering and delivery of Supplies, through the end-to-end cycle time to make or complete the product, to Packaging, Labeling, and Delivery to the hands of the Customer.  There is a Value Stream for each and everything you make or sell.  

What’s a Value Stream?

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