19 Jul

The Value of Goodwill to Your Small Business


Is Business Goodwill something a small business owner should be concerned with?  I would say, without hesitation, absolutely yes.  Not only does it add to the value of your business but if used appropriately, it becomes part of a tool to manage your business.

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05 Jul

Marketing or Advertising?


Ensuring you have a steady supply of future new customers is a critical component of any business.  How you do that is called Marketing.  Tools involved in marketing are things like advertising, networking, etc.  Understand Marketing is the strategy, the tools are the means of executing your strategy.  Understanding the difference between them is critical. 

I often hear my clients talk about marketing.  In almost 100% of the time they are talking about advertising efforts.  “I market in the newspaper, I market on the radio, etc.  What they really mean is they advertise.  When I ask them if they knew if their efforts were successful in getting new customers none could say anything definitively, yet all assumed it was working. 

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