23 Aug

 How Innovative Leaders Develop Solutions through Flexible Work Options

Like many business owners, John’s business was cyclical.  Some months he was heavily producing while in other months he was minimally producing.  At times the differences were extreme enough that John either employed seasonally or simply conducted hiring and layoff actions to accommodate.  Over time John’s method, while having become accepted in the area, became financially burdensome.  Everything from higher than desired unemployment insurance rates to costly workers compensation rates.  Couple that with the training of contingency workers, the loss of good trained workers to competitors and John was stuck with a problem he did not know how to manage or lead to success.

John’s problem is not unique.  Whether his issue is seasonal or cyclical he, like many business owners in a variety of industries, faces this dilemma often.   What can John or any other business leader do?  Innovate…

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10 Aug

Are You Leading the Walking Dead?


There is a popular TV show today called “The Walking Dead.”  I had a friend of mine refer to his employees that way.  He told me “All they do is walk around, go through the motions.”  I asked him what did he think caused that.  He said “they aren’t motivated.”  Now I smiled because I got to play “ask why.”  “Why aren’t they motivated?” I asked.  “Well”, he said, “I guess they just see this as just a job.”  Smile… ”Why do they see this as just a job?”  “They don’t seem to care as long as they get paid.  They work and they do what they are supposed to do, but they have no enthusiasm.” He replied.  “Why don’t they care, why don’t they have enthusiasm? “ I asked.  With a noticeably frustrating look he paused for a moment and responded, “They don’t know what they should be enthusiastic about.”   Now he knew it was coming, so before I could ask WHY again, he quickly added, “I guess I haven’t told them why they need to be enthusiastic.”  But I had him, I got the last “why” in.  “Why is that”? I asked.

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02 Aug

Your Small Business Needs a Valuation




Do you know how much your small business is worth?  Do you have a clear and provable method of measuring the different processes you use to manage and lead your business?  Do you know for a fact where you need to put your money and efforts to grow your business; or are you deciding on instinct or gut?  One of the best ways to answer those questions, and then actually do something with the information to improve your small business, is to obtain a Business Valuation.

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