27 Apr

When Should You Hire That New Employee

When should you hire that new employee?  A question every small business owner asks.  Knowing when is crucial to both your business and the success of the new hire.  This is especially critical for new businesses hiring their first employee.

In general, things are happening in your business that has caused you to consider hiring someone.  While the following examples are not all inclusive, they are key critical reasons for considering to hire.  These are: 

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18 Apr

Are You Really Hiring, or Are You Just Going Through the Motions



“I am looking for a job” That is what the young couple I observed at a local national restaurant said. I was sitting near the entrance eating lunch when they came in. Neatly dressed but also young; dressed as young people do. Nothing provocative but certainly young.

The Hostess and Host told them that the restaurant was hiring but no one would talk to them. They asked why and were told, “We don’t interview this time of day, come back later.” Try as they might they were not able to get anyone to talk to them about a job or tell them when exactly they could.  When they left the Host and Hostess made fun of them.

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