23 Jul

When Do You Hire That New Employee

I hear that question a lot.  Everyone seems to be looking for a magic formula that says, “ When can I afford to hire this new employee.”  There is one, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

As a business grows, hiring a new employee, be it the first one or the fiftieth one, is a big decision.  It is not one that should be taken lightly and should never be simply because you work too hard.  Hiring a new employee costs money.  Money in the form of time and future expenses.  Some estimate the cost to bring on any new employee ranges from 1.5 to 3 times their annual wages.  That’s a lot of money in any size operation.  Ensuring the decision to hire a new employee is critically important.

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16 Jul

Your Small Business Model Doesn’t Have to be Complicated


One of my favorite expressions I hear from small business owners is, “That doesn’t fit my business model.”  I have sometimes followed up when hearing that and asking simply, “What is your business model?”  Usually, I am told a lot of “stuff” about demand, processes, partners and things that really aren’t overwhelmingly important.  In other words, a lot of stuff that adds little value to the small business owner.  Most often because somewhere, somehow, someone has made this all very complicated.

Your business model should be simple.  It should be a quick snapshot of what your business is and how it operates.  Like the overused metaphor of layers of the onion, the model can be as multi-layered as you want.  Layer upon layer of stuff that has value to some and to others is gobbledygook.

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14 Jul

Is Your HR Effort Properly Focused


When I speak with client CEO’s or Business Owners, the subject of HR is always there.  These leaders frequently profess that HR is an insignificant necessity, mostly existing to demonstrate some type of pro-active defense should these companies ever be sued, or some similar purpose.

That always gets my dander up.  However, from my own observations and what these business leaders tell me, there is validity to these perceptions.  Perhaps it is because HR is not properly focused.  

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10 Jul

Finding Leadership Talent – No Purple Squirrels


You know what the exactly’s are.  Whether you are a job seeker, a Hiring Official or someone screening applications, the exactly’s have most likely become a part of your life. 

It starts with a list, mental or physical the list has what you need…exactly.  I want exactly this or I want exactly that.  “The perfect candidate for this job starts with them matching 100% of what I want exactly…then I have to see if I like them.  “That is usually followed by the statement “I am prepared to wait however long it takes to find exactly what I want.”

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10 Jul

Small Business and HR

Does a small business need a Human Resources function is the real question? Why would a company of 25, 40 or even 75 – 150 employees need a full-time employee to devote their energies to the activities of Human Resources? The reality is that they probably don’t.  Do they need competent HR support? Most assuredly they do. Does that support have to be a full-time dedicated HR person? No, again. Yet I see small businesses hiring full or part-time HR practitioners for their business.   What is a better option for them?

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