27 Aug

Intrepreneurship Your Business To Success

Intrepreneurship; Businesses successfully meet the daily challenges of operations because of it.  They solve problems, grow and become successful because of it.  Yet some, too many, don’t embrace it enough to make their business what they dreamed it would be.  As a result, they become mediocre at best, or part of the 85%-95% that ultimately fail.  Intreprenuership is the product of a excellent workforce.

Intrepreneurship, unlike entrepreneurship, is a concept that says you have the resources in your employees to solve most of your business challenges.  It is more than just the concept, it is the execution of actions and activities that increase productivity and profitability within a company.  These are not the founder of the company.  These are the people who, unlike an entrepreneur, focus internally on the business.  The entrepreneur focuses externally.  Yet the two are very linked. 

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26 Aug

Small Business and the Baby Boomer Generation

We are small business owners from the Baby Boomer Generation.  We aren’t as young as we used to be.  The oldest among us is about 71, the youngest is about 51.  We’ve worked hard running our businesses while raising a family, accumulating things and if we were successful, making money. 

So now what? 

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24 Aug

Is Your Business Wearing You Out?


I think it is quite obvious that anyone who has a small business wants that business to be successful.  The business provides them food, shelter, clothing.  It sends their children to school, provides the means for vacations with friends and family; it does a lot.

It is understandable that those who own small businesses put in a lot of hours, a lot of energy, and a lot of emotion into their business.  Why else would you own a business if not to work hard in it to gain the things you want that business to provide for you?

As I observe small business owners I see basically two types;

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21 Aug

Your Small Business and “Bankability”


A recent article by Paul Davidson of USA Today stated, “Lenders are tightening the credit spigots for businesses, raising concerns about an economy that’s already facing global headwinds and a rising risk of recession.”  Some small business owners, already facing challenges for growth and profitability will see the bad news that announcement will bring.  Doing what you can to improve your “bankability” will not only help your business but will also help you secure a business loan should you need it.

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