17 Oct

Are the New FLSA Requirements Really a Problem


The US Wage and Hour Division announced sweeping changes to the regulations that define exemption rules from the overtime provisions under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  Many Small Business owners understandably have concerns as it relates to the new requirements, specifically the salary requirement of $47, 476 a year or $913 per week.  While the new rules do not take effect until December 1, 2016, let’s take a quick look at them and how they will impact a small business. 

The very first thing any business owner needs to take into consideration is whether or not their business falls under the FLSA.  For most small businesses, the first decision point they will face is whether or not their Enterprise (business) is covered by the law.  Under the FLSA the rule is pretty clear and is contained in Fact Sheet #14 from the Wage and Hour Division; 

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16 Oct

Developing a Simple Recruiting Strategy For Your Business

There is a talent shortage in America. Not only are we being told that in the media, from our community leaders; we are experiencing it. I know many business owners who can barely meet the needs of their existing customers right now because of this shortage. Equally important, they cannot grow and we all know that to not grow is to watch your business decline.

So what do you do when everyone is experiencing the same problem? Will you shrug your shoulders, sigh and say, “everyone else has the same problem so there is nothing I can do.” Or, will you look closely at the issue and develop a solution, execute that solution, and succeed?

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05 Oct

Only A-Players need apply


We’ve all heard this before.  “I only want A-Players on my team or in my company.”   We spend a significant amount of time looking for them, attracting them and assuming we are successful, retaining them.  Yet a small percentage of the labor force, actively looking or open to the possibility, are truly A-Players.  The biggest reason is because every other company is looking for them and trying to retain them too. 

So what do you do? 

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