31 Dec


Those who are familiar with my business, know I do a fair amount of recruiting for client businesses. I hear a lot of things from them, but sometimes I hear this, “Don, what I’m really looking for is someone younger, certainly no older than early 40’s.” When I recruit for client companies I don’t hear that everyday. Yet I do hear it. It is part of a culture that suggests older workers are not good hires. Businesses, thinking they are saving money are opting for less experienced, less knowledgeable and less skilled workers. That is both a tactical and strategic mistake built on myth and limiting beliefs.

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03 Dec


As business owners we all make plans. We make good ones, excellent ones, the ones that will establish sustainable growth. Yet all too often the plans fail. Why?

One of the biggest reasons plans fail is NOT because the plan was flawed. The biggest reason is because the plan was not executed or not executed properly. This can be the result of several things.  Read More