25 Mar

Stop Focusing on What You Can’t Do

We like the negative.  Some of us even embrace it.  Many of us can remember the story of Chicken Little.  For those not familiar, Chicken Little had something fall from the sky, hitting him in the head.  He immediately concluded “The Sky Is Falling” and proceeded to warn everyone with a great deal of enthusiasm that this was happening.

In business, we tend to do this too.  A bad sales month means the business is failing, error and waste occurring as we provide product or service means we are so bad at what we do that the business will fail.  Negativity begets more negativity until we find ourselves afraid to make any decision or do much of anything else at work except clock in and clock out.  (Careful, the clock might be poorly wired and you could get electrocuted)

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18 Mar

It’s About Time


You hear it and probably say it, “I don’t have the time to do that.”  All of us, myself included, sometimes struggle with our ability to manage our time.  As Business Owners and Leaders our time is valuable.  For all of us it is the one thing in common that we sell, provide or have of value for our businesses.

So, what do we do?  We need time to do our work, plan our businesses future and do the things that grow and sustain our businesses.  Everything seems urgent, has to be done now; taking our time, sapping our energy and resulting in frustration.  There has to be a solution.  There is.

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11 Mar

Plan Your Workforce for Business Success


As your business grows the desire is always to add more staff. Something happens when we have employees, our businesses feel more real to us and we feel more successful. Something to remember when you hire those employees is that you do not hire a new employee simply to grow. You hire a new employee because growth opportunity is already there and this person will help you achieve it.

How do you know you are hiring the right employee? It isn’t just a warm body to perform a task or provide a service. Making certain the employees you hire are performing something that adds value to your business is also important. It involves how you plan your workforce.

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04 Mar

Is Your Business Growing Too Fast?

Business growth is the key to business success.  To grow sustainably is to grow wisely.  Growing wisely is to grow under control.  Most often this means slowly but always it means without chaos; controlled growth.  Growing too fast ironically could be a problem that puts you out of business.

Growing too fast, growing with your business out of balance with itself (sell more to make more), growing without a plan, sends many warning signs.  Some of these signs are:

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