29 Apr

Do You Buy For Your Business At A Big Box Warehouse?



Many of us shop them. Their large open rooms filled from floor to ceiling with everything from bulk goods to appliances, televisions, jewelry computers, and more. Of course, I’m talking about the warehouse membership stores. We know their names but the names aren’t important. What is important is that you can buy a case of anything, a pallet of other things and save. Save if you need that much.

Warehouse membership stores are promoted as a way for consumers to buy in bulk and because of that bulk, save money. Not only do they offer a bargain to the individual for just about anything they need for home, but they also promise a bargain for business owners and all of the things they need or want. But how much do you really save when you buy in bulk?

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22 Apr

Can You Increase Your Sales Revenue Without Increasing Cost??

Increasing your sales revenue dollars is the goal of every business.  Some will try to do this by purchasing expensive advertising, sales training or other products.  Yet the real goal isn’t exactly about increasing sales revenue, it should be about increasing profit. 

Developing the skills necessary to make more, at the same or less cost, with greater product value that in turn increases your profit is called Velocity.  Velocity management isn’t about going fast, it is about going better.  Some would say this is a full-time job.  It isn’t, it is a rewarding job, and it can become just a part of your daily workplace routine.

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15 Apr

Do You Want To Be A Successful Small Business Owner?

So you want to be a successful small business owner. That means more than just offering a product or service. Small business owners are usually very good at what they do…manufacturing something, providing a service, etc. What is often missing for them are the skills needed to manage the day to day operations of the business. As a result, a significant majority of small businesses fail within their first 5 years of operation, as many as 95% according to some research. The high failure rate is due to the very real fact that the business skills needs for small business owners is high and the available resources for them to develop them are low.

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08 Apr

Are You Accountable?

When I coach Business leaders, Sales Professionals or executives, “Make me more Accountable” is usually one of the main reasons they hired me. It takes quite a few steps to make that happen. That is because accountability comes from more than just being accountable. It involves a variety of aspects of control that you have over how work gets done. The more influence you believe you have, the more accountability you are able to have.

Accountability can be developed as you begin to control various behaviors in your professional life. These are:

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01 Apr

When You Start That Business


It may be a dream you have had for years.  It may be something you woke up thinking about this morning.  It could be somewhere in between.  You’ve now begun the process of starting your own business and if successful, being in charge of your own economic destiny.

But it takes more than a dream.  Starting a business takes time, effort, help.

Your Startup Business Process begins with establishing a variety of processes and actions that help you create a sustainable growing and profitable business.  It is important to understand some key points regarding a startup business.  These are:

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