24 Jun

What is Your Biggest Business Issue?

I have asked that question of many small business owners and get several responses.  Most commonly concerns regarding labor lead the list.  I’m not speaking in terms of union type labor issues.  I am talking about the ability to attract and retain good employees.  Labor is often the biggest business issue.

While some would say that they are two separate and slightly related issues, I would suggest that they are the same issue viewed from different perspectives.

Depending on your source, the unemployment rate in the specific locations I do most of my business range from slightly above 2% to slightly above 3%.  Not enough to really make a difference.  This means the available labor pool is:

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17 Jun

Employer of Choice, or, Employee of Choice?

To many businesses and Human Resources Leaders, becoming an Employer of Choice is an important step toward effectively planning your workforce.  According to EREMedia, an online gathering place for Recruiters:  “Becoming an employer of choice means that applicants are eager to work for you, that people envy your employees, that you receive unsolicited resumes, and that your most talented workers stay with the company throughout their careers. It’s the holy grail for every employer.” 

The ERE suggests employers have a few things in place to become an Employer of Choice.  These are:

  1. Have Interesting work.
  2. Provide Career Advancement.
  3. Exhibit Social Responsibility.
  4. Give Recognition

Sounds like an easy enough task.  Do that and the unsolicited resumes will come flooding in.  You’ll have so many that you won’t be able to handle the volume.  Everyone will want to work for your company and you’ll have your pick of the hundreds or thousands that will apply.

I don’t think so.

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10 Jun

Why Didn’t You Return My Call


I called you.  You weren’t there but I left you a voice message.

Recently I was attending an event and was speaking with a friend of mine.  They had met a local small business owner who provided a service I was very much in need of.  My friend gave me their business card and said to use their name when I called them.  The very next day I called.  No one answered the phone but their voice mail message confirmed that I had the right number.  so I left a message.

A few days went by and I had not heard from this business.  So I called, once again got their voicemail, and I left a message.  I did not get a callback.

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03 Jun

Does Your Business Really Need That?

A new business owner was excited about realizing their dream.  After a few minutes on LegalZoom, a 3-day session at their local Technical School and the advice of a great person they had met there, they started their new business.

In the first few months, they had rented an office, bigger that what they needed yes, but they intended to grow.  They purchased a website from a well known local website development business and on the advice of this company commissioned a video, complete with a script and actors.  Their new office needed a sign so a well established local sign company was hired to design and provide a sign for the business.  Feeling the excitement as this business developed the owner signed on with a local TV station for ads.  After all, they had that new video being made for their website why not use it on TV.  The owner joined the local Chamber of commerce too.

They were on a roll.  – Or were they?

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