29 Jul

How Does Your HR Measure Up


Does your HR function measure up?   How do you know?  Does it report headcount and turnover?  Or, does it tell you about the impact of HR processes as they relate to profit & loss? 

Human Resources, as a function, can have a significant impact on your companies profit & loss?   “No way”, critics say, “this is impossible, all they do is fill out forms and say no, that’s illegal.”  Of course, those critics have probably never experienced strong value-added human resources management in their careers.    So how does a good HR department measure and provide a return on HR processes and procedures?

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22 Jul

Need Employees But Feel You Don’t Have the Recruiters to Find Them?


You are a business that is experiencing a staffing shortfall.  You are turning work away because you can’t find new employees, new employees who will do the work in your business.  You are at a loss as to what you should do and feel that without Recruiters, you won’t be successful.  Imagine the following scenario, this could be your business.

“I can’t afford a recruiter, so all of my recruiting is done by XYZ staffing company.”   I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this in my career.  Staffing companies are great resources, no mistake about that.  However, are they always the best resource for a small or mid-sized employer to use as their sole recruiting support?  Most often the answer to that is a resounding “no.”

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15 Jul

Are You Ready For The Inevitable With Your Business?

It happens to all of us whether we own a business or not.  At some point, our working life stops.  For business owners that bring on additional challenges.  Specifically, what will happen to your business when the inevitable occurs.  Generally, this involves one of the following:

  • Selling Your Business to a third party
  • Retaining your business and hire someone to run it for you
  • Pass it on in some way to a family member or partner.

Regardless of what you decide one thing is certain, you have to include thinking of yourself in this process as well as your business.  Interestingly enough the two are closely tied together.  Let us look at the process…

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08 Jul

Is Your Workforce Your Competitive Advantage?

In Wisconsin, our unemployment rate is 3.4%.  While that speaks well of efforts to return jobs, it also causes problems for businesses.

In most communities here, help wanted signs are everywhere.  They are hanging on fences, are in store windows, and on signs stuck in the ground at intersections.  Many businesses struggle to find workers and when they do they lose them to other businesses who increase their wages.

How is a business to compete in an environment like that?  Is it time to recognize the competitive advantage your workforce can bring?

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