18 Nov

The Coaching Process — How Does it Work?

Many people talk about Coaches and their work with them.  Often times what I hear from them is a misunderstanding of the Coaching Process.  This is a hands-on session between the person being Coached and the Coach.  It involves strong communication and the development of measurable action plans.    These sessions should involve a lot of questions asked by the Coach and the person being Coached answering them.  The Coach should be a good listener and they should be seeking quantifiable data about your situation, your business, what you have done and where you think you want to go.  The Coach should work with you to develop a strong list of things you must do and accomplish successfully in order to meet your goal.

How is the Initial Coaching Session Conducted?

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11 Nov

Workforce Differentiation For Business Success

Most businesses say they value their employees. Not all live up to that.  The workers most responsible for their success are often treated no differently than those who always seem to do just enough and little more. The business unintentionally drives away high performers because they don’t make enough of a distinction between them and other performers. Workforce differentiation is a strategy they can use to not only prove they value their workforce but also drive unequaled business success.

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04 Nov

Coaching For Business and Professional Success

Paul was your usual business leader and owner. He worked over 70 hours a week trying to keep his business profitable. That wasn’t just his working “IN” his business where he performed the services his business offered. There was also the paperwork. Everything from his checking account to ordering supplies, keeping inventory, paying the bills…the list goes on and on.

One day, Paul’s wife told him that she was unhappy in their marriage. She never saw him, the business had become his life and she wagered he couldn’t even name two friends of each of their 3 children. She wanted to know what Paul was going to do to change his business and his work habits.


Paul Decides What To Do

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