16 Dec

What Is Business Afraid Of?


I was having coffee recently with several of my coaching clients.  These few “solo-preneurs” who out of necessity established a business.  They are experts, experts in their profession, experts and not only problem solving but also problem preventing.  They established their business because necessity demanded it.  The necessity of food, shelter, and clothing.  In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, these are considered basic needs, the needs of survival.  Success became secondary to their needs.

The rest of the story is provocatively compelling…

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09 Dec

Business Tips – Bad For Your Business


While managing your business perhaps you have good advice from a knowledgeable business professional.  Perhaps you manage your business without any advice, or, perhaps you manage your business because you picked up on what you thought were great business tips from any one of a variety of sources.  How is that working for you?

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02 Dec

Do You Have a Compelling Vision For Your Business?

When you started your business, or you became a business leader, you had a good idea what you wanted to accomplish. That direction was and is your vision, and having a compelling vision helps you be more successful. Communicating that vision helps others be more successful. How you develop and then communicate that compelling vision starts the path to success. A compelling shared vision is even more powerful.

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