24 Feb

Your Lean Initiative Will Most Likely Fail

Blasphemy! Heresy! Burn Him!   Yup, I wrote that.  Your Lean initiative will most likely fail.  A study released by the Lean Institute conducted by Industry Week in 2007 found that only 2 percent of companies that have a lean program achieved their anticipated results.  Further, more recent follow-up studies have shown that few of those sustained their gains initially made.  Much can be made of that statement and when you consider that more recent studies show at best that only half of Lean initiatives achieve any measure of success at best (some show as little as 5% success) you have to wonder what all of the excitement is about.

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17 Feb

I am Going to Improve Your Sales By 30%


Recently I’ve had several Consultants, Business Coaches and Business Advisers reach out to me here on Linkedin.  Each stated that we could perhaps mutually benefit from one another.  I accepted their request and then sent a message asking to meet by phone and learn more about each others business.  In a couple of instances, I didn’t get a chance to immediately respond but planned on doing so at my first opportunity.  Almost all of these folks sent me the same message.  That message contained the words, “I am going to Improve Your Sales by 30%.”

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10 Feb

Hire and Develop?

It is a common expression; hire a good person and develop them.  Sometimes this works out well and other times it does not.  The definition of “a good person” can get muddied for a variety of reasons.  Further, exactly what training are you considering?  Is Hire and Develop a good strategy?

So what can you as a hiring official do to ensure that you’ve hired a “good person” and that the training you provide is appropriate?

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