08 Dec

Control Your Business Growth by Making it Sustainable

We have all heard the mantra, “If your business isn’t growing it’s dying.”  In today’s highly competitive business environment that is true.  Business growth is much more than sales, revenue, and profit.  While those are important so is the ability to sustain them.  In point of fact if you can’t sustain it, then it doesn’t help your business. So while aggressive growth, and I define aggressive growth as an average of anything more than 20% a year, looks exciting and appeals to your emotions, if you cannot sustain growth then you are harming your business.

How do you sustain your business growth?

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17 Feb

I am Going to Improve Your Sales By 30%


Recently I’ve had several Consultants, Business Coaches and Business Advisers reach out to me here on Linkedin.  Each stated that we could perhaps mutually benefit from one another.  I accepted their request and then sent a message asking to meet by phone and learn more about each others business.  In a couple of instances, I didn’t get a chance to immediately respond but planned on doing so at my first opportunity.  Almost all of these folks sent me the same message.  That message contained the words, “I am going to Improve Your Sales by 30%.”

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20 Jan

Business Is Simple

At its base, business is simple. You provide a service, produce a product, sell something. That’s all there is. The complicated part is doing that profitably. It isn’t rocket science but it does take knowledge.  A knowledge you can’t necessarily get from a single class, workshop, or seminar, a book, or reading somebodies “Best Business Tips to Grow Your Business By” article.

Running a business profitably takes knowledge and it takes constant improvement of that knowledge. What do you need knowledge on? I call them the 10 basic pillars of business. Do these well and your business will thrive. These are:

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09 Dec

Business Tips – Bad For Your Business


While managing your business perhaps you have good advice from a knowledgeable business professional.  Perhaps you manage your business without any advice, or, perhaps you manage your business because you picked up on what you thought were great business tips from any one of a variety of sources.  How is that working for you?

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02 Dec

Do You Have a Compelling Vision For Your Business?

When you started your business, or you became a business leader, you had a good idea what you wanted to accomplish. That direction was and is your vision, and having a compelling vision helps you be more successful. Communicating that vision helps others be more successful. How you develop and then communicate that compelling vision starts the path to success. A compelling shared vision is even more powerful.

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