12 Sep

Challenges of Workforce Planning

Our fifth installment of Developing a Workforce Plan involves Challenges.  Businesses do not just decide to have a Workforce Plan, discuss it, and it happens.  There are unique and expected Challenges of Workforce Planning that you will face when establishing a workforce plan that adds value.  These challenges, if not addressed and overcome fully in the process, will doom your Workforce Plan before it ever starts.

What are the Challenges of Workforce Planning?

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29 Jun

Delegate Effectively For The Win

You make a plan; you start to execute it.  The question then becomes, who executes what?  All too often, the business owner or leader chooses to do the executing.  They forget they cannot do it all themselves while they commonly complain that they are the only one who is doing anything or can do anything.  As a result, the leader must delegate activities or actions to others.

Some leaders struggle with delegation; so what can they do?

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13 Apr

Agile Leadership Drives Organizational Performance

The ability of an organization to respond to changes in both its internal and external environment is called agility.  An organizations agility is paramount to its long term, and often its short term, success.  The turbulence that businesses have been experiencing in the last several decades is not going away.  Whether the challenges are created by political, climatic or economic events, the organization must respond rapidly, or whether, possibly dying in the process.  The ability to respond to these challenges as well as identify and capture new opportunities is a key factor in ensuring the sustainability, and growth, of a business.  The key is, Agile Leadership Drives Organizational Performance.

How do you make that happen?

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05 May

A Positive Business Outcome is From Positive Performance – it’s All in the Feedback

Much is said about having a high performing business.  Many will bring you data, numbers, and models that they claim will make your workforce and your business high performing.  However, none of those will work if your workforce doesn’t know how it is performing.  You can have great equipment, a wonderful cutting-edge product and a state of the art facility with which to produce or provide your product or service.  None of that will matter if your workforce isn’t performing the best it can.  It’s all in the feedback.

Building a positive high performing business, regardless of whose method you choose to use all starts with ensuring that workforce is given value-added performance feedback.  Research has consistently shown that workers who get feedback on their performance are twice as likely, and sometimes more, to have higher engagement and as a result higher productivity.  Further, their performance improves which then drives success, sustainable success, for the business.  Conversely, employees who don’t receive feedback experience lower levels of commitment to the organization and productivity declines.  These employees, especially those with potential, tend to leave your business and go to your competitors.

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16 Dec

What Is Business Afraid Of?


I was having coffee recently with several of my coaching clients.  These few “solo-preneurs” who out of necessity established a business.  They are experts, experts in their profession, experts and not only problem solving but also problem preventing.  They established their business because necessity demanded it.  The necessity of food, shelter, and clothing.  In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, these are considered basic needs, the needs of survival.  Success became secondary to their needs.

The rest of the story is provocatively compelling…

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