Your Business is much more than numbers.  We work to find out why those numbers happen.



Our unique value proposition is beyond just numbers.  Numbers simply tell you where to look, looking tells us why and points us to the right solution.  We walk your floors, measure your actual processes and turn that into realistic achievable solutions.  We engage in every aspect of your business right there with you to understand the why behind what is happening.

Your business is more than just numbers on a spreadsheet.  Trust your business to someone who makes the effort to genuinely understands what is happening internally.


How Healthy is Your Business?

Our typical client is a small to mid-size business with $2 million to $50 million in revenue and 10 - 250 employees. We also have clients in the $450K to $1.5M revenue range and occasionally those over $100M.   They are all growth-oriented, willing to change, are open-minded, willing to admit weaknesses, and willing to face the reality of business operations.


Our Services Include:


Operations and Process Improvement

            Understanding why your costs are impacting your profitability is important to improving your business.  These processes need to be mapped, measured, reviewed and improved.  To do this we:

Conduct process mapping

Develop costs of performance and production tied to each step of those processes

Analyze those costs finding the best way to reduce or eliminate waste, error or other inefficiencies

Engage your workforce in improving those processes.



Workforce Planning

     You may not have a strategy that focuses on what most businesses call their most valuable asset; your workforce. Effective workforce management strategies and practices have a powerful effect on business outcomes which include Performance, Profitability, and Shareholder Value.  We work with your leadership, management, and HR to develop and execute a strategy that drives strategy execution, improves recruiting and retention while developing a brand that cannot be duplicated by your competitors.


     Business Coaching

     Business coaching is a useful way of developing your skills and abilities and boosting performance. It can also help deal with issues and challenges before they become significant problems.  Good Coaching is based on YOUR agenda and we work together to accomplish your goals and objectives.

A business coaching session starts as a conversation with your coach, and it focuses on helping you discover answers for yourself.  We then tailor a custom process that utilizes your know-how and technical skills to develop solutions that meet your needs and goals.

Sometimes individuals need a coach but don’t need full business consulting services. We work closely with those individuals to help them develop the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors required to be successful. You should only consider working with a Certified Professional Coach to do this.


Strategic Planning

            Without a strategic plan, your business doesn’t know where it is going or how it will get there.   We facilitate your strategic planning process, ensure organizational alignment, develop action plans and when requested help you through the execution process of those plans.



Performance Management

            How well do your Workforce, including your Executives and Managers, and business perform?  Are the resources you have available being used optimally and is there a plan in place to ensure that this continues?  With certified professional Coaches and Trainers on our Team, we work with you and your leadership to develop training, development and coaching plans that help ensure your continued performance and profitability.


Mergers and Acquisitions

            If you are buying, we can help you through the due diligence process and when you finish the purchase, guide you through the post-acquisition integration process too.  If you are considering selling, we can help you maximize the value of your business to help you get the highest possible price for your business.