Business Diagnostic and Valuation

A diagnosis is simply a way to measure your business value on a given day along with other key operational attributes impacting performance, profitability, and productivity. This diagnosis and valuation tool will provide over 20 key measurements on the business including the business's value, cash-flow, bankability (loan eligibility), and sustainability. This is ideal for business owners who may want to make their business more efficient, grow their business, take on a new partner, construct an offer to buy a business, get a bank loan, write a buy-sell agreement, sell their business, settle a disagreement with a partner, or defend their business value in a legal dispute.

Financial Reporting and Forecasting

Operating your business without a budget is dangerous. Yet, many do because they believe developing a budget is difficult. Our simple budget development process, that uses your exact sales and costs will provide you with a 12-month operating budget for any level of performance, all on one side of a single page of paper.

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Pricing Models

Using your value stream production information, a price is determined for each of your products and services is developed. It ensures that all of your business costs are considered as well as the most important part - your profit. No artificial mark-ups to what you charge. A real budget based profit that is tied directly to your balanced operating budget.

Market Channel Development

Using your historical customer data and knowledge of the markets you serve, this tool provides you with a comprehensive marketing strategy that drives revenue through diversification and new first time customers.