03 Aug

Procrastination – How To Stop Doing It

Procrastination.  It is defined in the dictionary as “the action of delaying or postponing something.”. It is a time-waster, money waster, bad idea.  Many of us experience some level of procrastination on a regular if not consistent basis.  In some instances, we are very good at procrastinating meaning that procrastination is harming us or our business.

So what can you do to help overcome procrastination?

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13 Jul

I Need Someone To Hold Me Accountable

One of the most common reasons people reach out to me for my Coaching and Advising services is accountability.  “Don, I need someone to hold me accountable,” is the question.  My response varies, but the bottom line is this, I can help you improve accountability, but the actual ability to holding yourself accountable is internal.  In other words, ultimately, you must hold yourself accountable.  If over the long term, you need someone to do that for you, then there are other issues at play, and the lack of accountability is but a symptom.

So how can someone build the skills for holding themselves accountable?  Read on my friends, the answer is simple:

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22 Jun

Executing Your Business Strategy

Strategizing and being strategic is a catch-all phrase for a lot of people.  We want to be strategic; so we develop a business strategy.  More often than not our business strategy is poorly defined or not even a strategy; it is simply a goal.  Your “strategy” doesn’t tell you what you are going to do; it just tells you what you are going to accomplish or what the results of your efforts will be.  Using the term “Strategic Plan” confuses the issue.  What businesses need is a defined process that will accomplish specific goals.   That process must also be executed to add value.  Executing your business strategy is as important as having a strategy.

Why is strategy and strategy execution so hard?

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29 Jul

How Does Your HR Measure Up


Does your HR function measure up?   How do you know?  Does it report headcount and turnover?  Or, does it tell you about the impact of HR processes as they relate to profit & loss? 

Human Resources, as a function, can have a significant impact on your companies profit & loss?   “No way”, critics say, “this is impossible, all they do is fill out forms and say no, that’s illegal.”  Of course, those critics have probably never experienced strong value-added human resources management in their careers.    So how does a good HR department measure and provide a return on HR processes and procedures?

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08 Apr

Are You Accountable?

When I coach Business leaders, Sales Professionals or executives, “Make me more Accountable” is usually one of the main reasons they hired me. It takes quite a few steps to make that happen. That is because accountability comes from more than just being accountable. It involves a variety of aspects of control that you have over how work gets done. The more influence you believe you have, the more accountability you are able to have.

Accountability can be developed as you begin to control various behaviors in your professional life. These are:

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