15 Dec

Business Revenue or Business Value? How About Both

If you are a small or mid-size business owner, I have a question for you?  What is more important to your business?  Is it how many dollars in service product that it sells?  Is it your Margin?  Or, is it the value of your business?  The answer should be yes. But which question(s) depends on what your long-term plans for your business are.

Depending on those plans each of those areas of focus have a different meaning.  In some instances they should mean everything; in others, they may mean little.  Regardless, all are important.  How important, again, depends on your plan for the business.

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29 Apr

Do You Buy For Your Business At A Big Box Warehouse?



Many of us shop them. Their large open rooms filled from floor to ceiling with everything from bulk goods to appliances, televisions, jewelry computers, and more. Of course, I’m talking about the warehouse membership stores. We know their names but the names aren’t important. What is important is that you can buy a case of anything, a pallet of other things and save. Save if you need that much.

Warehouse membership stores are promoted as a way for consumers to buy in bulk and because of that bulk, save money. Not only do they offer a bargain to the individual for just about anything they need for home, but they also promise a bargain for business owners and all of the things they need or want. But how much do you really save when you buy in bulk?

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04 Mar

Is Your Business Growing Too Fast?

Business growth is the key to business success.  To grow sustainably is to grow wisely.  Growing wisely is to grow under control.  Most often this means slowly but always it means without chaos; controlled growth.  Growing too fast ironically could be a problem that puts you out of business.

Growing too fast, growing with your business out of balance with itself (sell more to make more), growing without a plan, sends many warning signs.  Some of these signs are:

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29 Nov

Cash is Always King

Startups and business in general have many challenges. The biggest ones always involve money. Do they have enough to operate, can they make enough to stay in business and too many people wanting their money.

Having enough money to operate, in simple terms cash flow, is critical. If you don’t have enough cash then life support may not be able to keep you in business. Ensuring you don’t waste it on things you don’t need is a big challenge for small business startups. What are some of those wastes?

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