12 Jan

Have You Given Your Business a Checkup?

Good health is important.  It is important to our bodies, and it is important to our business.  When you care about the health of your business, you are demonstrating an interest in more than just the money that flows through it.  You are showing that you fully understand the different parts of your business that contribute to its success – its good health.  Just like we visit our Doctors once a year for a checkup, we take our cars to a mechanic for a tune-up, or we visit the Dentist for a cleaning, we should also conduct a checkup on our business at least once a year.  Some suggest conducting a checkup twice a tear.  Whichever you choose, you may be wondering – What exactly is a Business Checkup?

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10 Mar

Using Fear as an Idea Sales Tool

“If you don’t do this OSHA will come in and fine you.”  “You could be sued for doing what you are doing.”  “We have to change what we are doing because it’s against the law.”  These are all expressions I have heard and read from many different people trying to sell change, an idea or convince someone else about how knowledgeable they were.   In every case, the person uttering those words was using fear as a sales tool.


They may have been right.  Their words made have been exactly right.  Yet we all know, or should know as apparently, some do not, that fear is not the best motivator to facilitate business change. Oh make no mistake, using fear can be a good thing in some instances, but trying to sell an idea with fear isn’t the best way to make a change in business.

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04 Nov

Coaching For Business and Professional Success

Paul was your usual business leader and owner. He worked over 70 hours a week trying to keep his business profitable. That wasn’t just his working “IN” his business where he performed the services his business offered. There was also the paperwork. Everything from his checking account to ordering supplies, keeping inventory, paying the bills…the list goes on and on.

One day, Paul’s wife told him that she was unhappy in their marriage. She never saw him, the business had become his life and she wagered he couldn’t even name two friends of each of their 3 children. She wanted to know what Paul was going to do to change his business and his work habits.


Paul Decides What To Do

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28 Oct

A Case Study: Their Business Was Heading For Failure…

Bill and Cindy were a husband and wife who always dreamed of owning a business.  After getting an operating capital loan from an Internet bank they bought a franchise and went to work.  Things looked very promising for them as they quickly started selling their services with projected sales exceeding $170,000 for their first year.  They even hired a Coach who promised to increase their sales by 10 fold.  When Bill and Cindy began to realize they were losing money rapidly and were depleting the cash they had received from their operating capital loan they reached out to me.  Their business was heading for failure and they were on the verge of losing everything.

WARNING!!!  Facts are used in the following – this is a real-life situation where only the names have been changed.

They reached out to me based on a referral from a mutual acquaintance.  I began my work with them by understanding their business.  This is what I learned:

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03 Jun

Does Your Business Really Need That?

A new business owner was excited about realizing their dream.  After a few minutes on LegalZoom, a 3-day session at their local Technical School and the advice of a great person they had met there, they started their new business.

In the first few months, they had rented an office, bigger that what they needed yes, but they intended to grow.  They purchased a website from a well known local website development business and on the advice of this company commissioned a video, complete with a script and actors.  Their new office needed a sign so a well established local sign company was hired to design and provide a sign for the business.  Feeling the excitement as this business developed the owner signed on with a local TV station for ads.  After all, they had that new video being made for their website why not use it on TV.  The owner joined the local Chamber of commerce too.

They were on a roll.  – Or were they?

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