08 Jun

A Coaches Conversation

Bob, (not their real name), is a business professional in NE Wisconsin.  I’ve known Bob for about five years and admired his professionalism and approach to business.  I was surprised one day by a phone call from Bob.  It seems Bob was having performance issues with his Business Coach.  As a Business Coach myself I occasionally receive calls of this nature, Business Professionals unhappy with their Coaching relationships and wanting advice.  Bob was different because we had been friends for years and I never knew he was working with a Coach.

Bob was unhappy.

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01 Jun

Are Your Recruiting Efforts Just Like Everyone Else’s

Recruiting today’s workforce has challenges few have experienced before. Businesses claim they are doing all they can to recruit in these very competitive times.  All of them are doing the same.  Those who dare to be different can not only win the battle for talent today but also win the long term battle for talent.  It requires business leaders to get outside their comfort zones, open their minds and consider other methods with lasting effect.  In short, it requires new ways of thinking.  Recruiting is hard because you are doing the same thing as everyone else.

What more can you do?

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11 May

Can’t or Don’t Want to Sell Your Business – Now What…

Last week we discussed how with the low probability your business will sell, only about 20% of businesses that go to market sell according to the Exit Planning Institute, that the owner is faced with a few options that can be of value.  So, if you can’t or don’t want to sell your business, what do you do?  Some business owners would be tempted to shutter their business or operate under the belief that a family member will take the business over.  There are other options as well but for the business owner, everything starts with the current state of their business.  As I wrote last week “The new focus for CEO’s was … on “organic growth was driven by market expansion, increasing revenues, operational improvement, and innovation. “  How does a small to mid-size business change their focus and develop the business in those areas?

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04 May

Is M&A Activity Dead

I come from an M&A background.  It was fun, exciting and challenging.  I have participated from due diligence through Post Acquisition Integration in over 75 M&A transactions.  I understand the emotions that are vested in it.  I read recently that M&A activity had peaked, that it was declining.  The new focus for CEO’s was not on M&A but on “organic growth driven by market expansion, increasing revenues, operational improvement, and innovation.”  That change in focus may not be new for many small to midsized Business owners, but it does reflect a significant change in strategy for those hoping to sell their businesses to fund their retirement.  Even when M&A was going well, the Exit Planning Institute was reporting that 80% of businesses that entered the market did not sell.  With M&A activity declining, it is obvious that even more businesses will not sell.

So now what?

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27 Apr

Technology Will Change Work and Your Business

Recently I wrote an article titled, The Future of Work – Are you Ready, where I discussed the impact of technology on jobs, the workplace and how work would be accomplished in the future.  An important statement in that article was “…nearly two-thirds of all jobs could have a significant part – at least 30% – of their activities automated by 2030.” and “ … about half of all work activities globally have the technical potential to be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technologies…”   In other words, rapid advances in technology will not only change how work is done; it will change jobs and change the skills needed to perform those jobs.  If that isn’t eye-opening enough for you consider a Dell Study that states “85% of the jobs that will be available in 2030 are not available today.”

What exactly does this mean to you?

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