26 Oct

Business is Different Than I Thought

Over time I have been able to identify a fair number of common concerns among business owners. Here in Northeast Wisconsin where I live, the common ground among them is not surprising. The common thread of culture and lifestyle, for the most part, exists in the majority of business owners.  Many commonly express the same thought; “Business is different than I thought.”  The conflict of balancing life and business is real and most struggle terribly with that.

That requires some defining.

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13 Jul

I Need Someone To Hold Me Accountable

One of the most common reasons people reach out to me for my Coaching and Advising services is accountability.  “Don, I need someone to hold me accountable,” is the question.  My response varies, but the bottom line is this, I can help you improve accountability, but the actual ability to holding yourself accountable is internal.  In other words, ultimately, you must hold yourself accountable.  If over the long term, you need someone to do that for you, then there are other issues at play, and the lack of accountability is but a symptom.

So how can someone build the skills for holding themselves accountable?  Read on my friends, the answer is simple:

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03 Mar


As I was pumping gas a man in dirty disheveled clothes walked up to me and asked: “Do you know what time it is?”  I looked at my watch, answered him and then looked at him more closely.  He had a half filled plastic bag and had been putting aluminum beverage cans in it.  He thanked me, started to turn away when I asked “You collecting cans?”  He said yes and I asked him to wait as I reached into my Jeep and gave him 4 empties I had inside.  He thanked me again and I asked, “You collect these often?”

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06 Jan

The Pain and Cost of Not Enough Time


When you started your business you had a passion.  You wanted to accomplish something, something that was unique and important to you.  Your business was going to support you, your family.  It was going to provide you with the money and status you needed to live a certain way, in a certain place.  What did you do that started your business successfully and do you still have the time to do those things?  Is your business providing you the monetary, emotional and physical things you hoped it would? Or, are you experiencing the pain and cost of not enough time to do what is important?

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18 Mar

It’s About Time


You hear it and probably say it, “I don’t have the time to do that.”  All of us, myself included, sometimes struggle with our ability to manage our time.  As Business Owners and Leaders our time is valuable.  For all of us it is the one thing in common that we sell, provide or have of value for our businesses.

So, what do we do?  We need time to do our work, plan our businesses future and do the things that grow and sustain our businesses.  Everything seems urgent, has to be done now; taking our time, sapping our energy and resulting in frustration.  There has to be a solution.  There is.

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