13 Jul

I Need Someone To Hold Me Accountable

One of the most common reasons people reach out to me for my Coaching and Advising services is accountability.  “Don, I need someone to hold me accountable,” is the question.  My response varies, but the bottom line is this, I can help you improve accountability, but the actual ability to holding yourself accountable is internal.  In other words, ultimately, you must hold yourself accountable.  If over the long term, you need someone to do that for you, then there are other issues at play, and the lack of accountability is but a symptom.

So how can someone build the skills for holding themselves accountable?  Read on my friends, the answer is simple:

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19 May

Cost Containment Equals More Profit

Velocity Management in a Business is very easily a full-time job because Velocity concentrates on Cost Containment for the entire company so that as more jobs are taken on, and more are getting out the door quickly, on time to meet Customer demand, without more expense.

The goal of Velocity is the process of producing more Production at better Value for the Same Cost. Velocity is about Cost Containment.

We will be talking about  Velocity Management using LARGE examples to make obvious points beginning with manufacturing. However, Velocity applies to every single company on the planet. A day care center, a barber shop, a video company, An Accountant or law firm.

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